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Google Data Studio Case for Supermarket Sales

Imagine this. You’re a business man who have frenchise supermarket product in several cities.

As a CEO, you want to manage strategy about your supermarket franchise to make better service and certainly bring in more customers. So you ask collect data and look about to many tables data. I want to make a report but sure i need recap each data entry one by one

But should it really take this much time?

About Data

This dataset bring us data about sales for every branch our supermarket have. This dataset has several variables that must be considered :

  • Product line = Category Product
  • Branch = Name supermarket branch
  • Total = Total transaction
  • Date = Transaction date
  • Payment = How customers pay the bill
  • Cogs = Production Cost
  • Gross income = Gross we get
  • Rating = Rating for every transaction

By knowing important variable in our data. We can considered what we want to know and add in our report.

Dataset can access here : Supermarket Sales


After we check dataset we get insight about we have 3 branch in 3 different city. As should we know, in every place has different habits. So objective about this report is get information recap in every branch consider in every important variable


After we processing the data, include fix data type. Finally, I started playing around with the visual elements. With the right choice of fields and parameters, I was able to create my Supermarket Sales Dashboard :

In this dashboard, i maximizing filter branch to get all of the information about specific branch and all of our branch. As we can see, easily we can get insight about gross income, total transaction, total income and grouping about gender related to product line, also whats pay method most liked by customers.

Okey, we can do some example for branch A. Change the filter to ‘Only’ for A. We want to focus to Product line insight so i try to spotlight chart who containts product line data.

Branch A Product line information

Product line insight is mostly about whats product category customers favorite. As we can see, home and lifesytle is the most sold products, who give biggest on total income and gross income. We see in gender insight, home and lifstyle still have biggest space for every gender. In the other side, health and beauty counting as the product with the lowest sales. As a manager or CEO, i’ll consider to manage strategy to maintain Home and lifestyle sales and still thinking about how to boost Health and Beauty product to become better.

If im a business analyst i can consider strategy maybe to make a campaign product Health and beauty and engage customers to care about their health and take care of their bodies. Or give customers special discount with certain conditions such as if customers using methods payment (e-wallet) which we collaborate.

Excpected Outcome

As a CEO or Business team can get insights on an branch insight came down from maybe more than 4 hours to Zero — since it was all available and up-to-date online now.

Dashboard help us to manage our branch, create strategy, and considering what’s next step we need to do as owner of supermarket frenchise




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